Trend-setting Eco-Spa Practices

green living 02The Horizon design swimming pool is solar heated and salt purified; so no harsh chemicals are used. The recycling feature of the horizon design ensures that the water is captured and recycled.
The hot tub near the pool is heated with solar hot water panels and is salt purified.
The hot water for the locker room showers is also heated by the sun.

All products used in the locker rooms are organic.

Nearly all products used for massage, facial, and body services are organic.

We create many of our own body service products utilizing materials provided by our organic farm.Some of the items use are kukui nuts, papaya, avocado, goat’s milk, aloe vera, squash, cucumber, noni, coffee, native and cultivated herbs.

Massage sheets, robes, and other spa linens are made of organic bamboo, a fast growing fiber cultivated without toxic fertilizers and herbicides

Techniques for providing effective spa services have been developed to minimize excessive use of electricity, water, and linens

Locker rooms feature low-water use toilets and shower heads that still provide great water pressure

Laundry facilities for the retreat as well as the spa utilize organic laundry products. Much of the laundry is hung to dry in the breezes minimizing the need for using the dryer

Outdoor massage pavilions utilize the ambiance of nature eliminating the need for fans, air conditioning, or music. The breezes cool the pavilion and the rustling trees and bird songs provide nature’s music.

Decking for the massage pavilions is made of recycled plastic.

Spa staff wear organic bamboo uniforms.

We strive to retail Spa products that use minimal and recyclable packaging, and are produced with sustainable practices. We prefer to utilize vendors who are also committed to sustainable practices.

We source local vendors whenever possible for retail products.

Non-toxic cleaning products are utilized throughout the retreat and spa.

Green Certifications
We are members of several certifying agencies in eco-touriam, including The International Ecotourism Society.

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