Designed for Harmony and Balance with Nature

green living 01Hawaii Island Retreat is becoming a leader in sustainable travel and green living. From building construction to garden design, our 50-acre retreat models ways in which we can live both in luxury and in balance with the earth. Our green living features and practices include the following:

We produce our own electricity through solar cells (photovoltaic panels) situated on the roof of our energy building. We have added a windmill that feeds into our energy panel as an additional power source.

The retreat was designed to take advantage of our Kohala breezes. Cross-ventilation and ceiling fans eliminate the need for air conditioning while keeping guest rooms warm when the air outside is cool, and cool when temperatures are warm

The retreat is also designed to use natural lighting during the day and full-spectrum compact fluorescents for night

Sparkling garden pools surrounding the lodge, which serve as rainwater catchments from the hotel roof

Water conservation through low-water toilets, special showers, and conscientious use of water throughout the hotel and spa

Guest rooms are cleaned daily, however linens are changed every fourth day unless requested by the guest to minimize daily laundry use and consumption of water, electricity, and propane gas

Much of the flooring throughout the retreat is Tiger wood, a farmed sustainable hardwood that does not impact native forests

Our 50 acre Hawaiian sanctuary has abundant organic vegetable gardens and tropical fruit trees. We grow much of the food used in our kitchen in these gardens

Regular gardening and cooking classes so that guests may learn simple and effective ways to grow and prepare their own foods

An active system of composting that recycles all organic waste back into the soil.

Safe paper products, free of harmful chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. These are shredded and recycled as mulch on garden paths and banana orchards

Reusable water bottles for guests, which they can refill throughout the day at available filtered water dispensers

Organic shampoos, conditioner, and lotions in guest bath dispensers

Our own line of organic spa retail products that use minimal and recyclable packaging. We grow our own kukui trees and use the outstanding medicinal kukui oil in our spa services and treatments.

Educational information in each guest room to assist everyone in our ongoing efforts to remain both sustainable and self-sufficient. This information covers choices for laundering towels and sheets and outlines various recycling measuresA Sustainable Hotel and Spa

Solar energy cells produce our electricity

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